My new book is here!!


book-3d-v2Well, I kept this under wraps for a long time, but now it’s finally for realz…

Today, I’m releasing my very first book – Date Expectations: A Guide to Changing Your Dating Life and Finding Real Love!

My new book is available on Amazon today!!

I’m really happy to finally share this with y’all. It’s been in the works for a little while (and completely rewritten a couple of times). I started by collecting my stories from when I hosted speed dating events, but then it became a book of crazy stories which I didn’t think served a good purpose. I wanted to be able to take those stories and help people find a better way to date. After all, I saw a LOT of first dates. BAD first dates. I saw how people interacted with each other. I saw how much we judged, how hard we were on each other and ourselves. After hosting so many events, I could see what we were all missing.

Check out my trailer here…

And now, after a lot of thought, introspection, crumpled pages, and plain hard work, I’ve written a dating advice book for those of you who think that dating sucks, it’s hard, and real love just ain’t gonna happen.

Cuz here’s what I’ve learned – (Well, I won’t give away everything – I want you to buy my book)…

Most people are looking for connection, for love, even though “dating” seems to be an old-fashioned concept. The truth is, despite our access to meeting new people (hello Tinder!) we still crave deep connections with people, for intimacy, for relationships. And love is out there – we just have to understand the roadblocks in front of us, what prevents us from giving and receiving it.

In the book, I provide exercises and tips on how to get past those awkward first dates, how to understand and communicate better, and focus on what you really want in a relationship instead of only what you want in a guy.

And so here it is…my first book. Thank you readers for your support, and I’m really excited to share this with you!

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    I know that you swell with pride every time you see the cover of your book! I hope that it becomes a best-seller and that you’re rich and famous! Then I can lie to my friends and tell them that you got inspiration for you book from my Twitter time line. LOL!

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