The facts about niche dating sites


Ever wonder if a niche dating site is for you? I don’t advocate giving up your OkCupid profile, but if you’re a huge fan of Star Trek or you prefer to hang out with people who only eat veggies, you may want to give a niche dating site a try. There are more cropping up every day – chances are you can Google a random interest and find a niche dating site for it.

But which ones are the ones worth joining? I mean, you don’t want to sign up and find you’re matched with the same three people for an entire month. shared this great infographic with me, and I thought I’d pass it along. Millions of people are going for niche dating, and they are gravitating to some sites more than others. Who knew Urban Cougar had 43 million active members? Or that there was a site for people who preferred certain types of mustaches (Stashe Passions)? Anyway, enjoy…


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