Does money affect how you date?


money and datingI want to talk about something that strikes a nerve when the subject of dating comes up. Money. You might wince a little at the word, especially if you’ve struggled with money at any point in your life. I remember when I was 22, standing in line at the grocery store, choosing between a $1.99 bottle of soap and a loaf of bread because I didn’t have the money for both. I could barely pay my $295 rent. I couldn’t look my roommate in the eye when I accepted her offer to drive me places because I didn’t have a car, and I couldn’t even offer to pay gas money.

I hated money. I hated all the stress it caused. Of course, when I was so preoccupied with money,

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summer date ideas

Happy 4th – and summer dating!

If you are sick of meeting your Tinder and OkCupid matches at the local bar, and you can't stand the thought of yet another cup of coffee with yet another total stranger you are trying to impress, or at least hook up with - maybe it's time to try something else and see if it perks up your social … [Read More...]

new dating apps

New dating apps y’all

So...I must admit I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to dating apps, especially the ones that find new ways of game-i-fying dating. For those of you who have never played with Tinder or Hinge or Bumble, yes, they are addictive. Which is why I was SO excited to be invited to a party in the new … [Read More...]

ghosting and dating

Ghosting and the “unofficial” relationship

I'm kind of over bad manners. I mean, I'm not prissy (though I am from the South), but since when has it been okay to have no respect for other peoples' feelings, especially people you date - oh sorry, I mean "hang out with"? I'm talking about the non-relationship relationships we have when we … [Read More...]

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