Holiday specials are here!!


I’m so excited for this holiday season I can’t stand it. And not just because I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year (kind of scared about that one…), but because I’m offering all of you readers and soon-to-be readers some amazing holiday specials!

Date Expectations on Sale!

book-3d-v2From Wednesday November 26th through Monday December 1st (that’s Cyber Monday y’all) – I will be offering my book DATE EXPECTATIONS at amazing discounts:

New PAPERBACK editiononly $6.99!

KINDLE or iTUNES eBook – only $2.99

And the biggest news – this is for all my fellow commuters out there, who need something to do while sitting in traffic – I will now be offering Date Expectations as an audiobook!

NEW!!! AUDIO BOOK on iTunes or Amazon

This special offer is to get you started on the right foot as all the holiday parties begin. I’m a firm believer that this is a special time of year to meet people – more parties, more socializing, more seasonal love all equals more opportunities for love. So take advantage!


For all of you who SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER between now and New Years’ Day – I will be giving away a FREE chapter from my book! The first 5 people will also get my special edition I HAVE (Date) EXPECTATIONS T-SHIRT…

Date Expectations

And that’s not all….

Screen shot 2014-11-15 at 3.54.05 PMIn honor of the holiday season, I will also be giving away a special “date night” prize to one lucky winner – stay tuned for details…

Happy holidays!






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