Ghosting and the “unofficial” relationship


ghosting and datingI’m kind of over bad manners. I mean, I’m not prissy (though I am from the South), but since when has it been okay to have no respect for other peoples’ feelings, especially people you date – oh sorry, I mean “hang out with”?

I’m talking about the non-relationship relationships we have when we date. You know – the ones where you’ve been out together several times, you may or may not be attracted to each other, may or may not be having sex, may or may not want to pursue something more – but neither one of you wants to discuss what you actually want or what is happening between you. It’s supposed to be a non-event, no big deal. We are supposed to be robots with no feelings. But in reality, everyone is just so…confused.

Ghosting is a symptom of this non-communication problem with dating. It’s when you (or your date) pulls the disappearing act, dropping off the face of the universe with no explanation, because the alternative is …well, talking about feelings. It’s not a new thing, but it is becoming more of a thing.

I write an article about ghosting and ending “unofficial” relationships for Singles Warehouse – you can check it out here.



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