Taking a break with FitTeaDetox


These past few weeks have been a little nuts around here. I launched a new book, I moved house, and my husband moved his studio into our new place. Right now, we are in a state of transition, living out of boxes. Transition is good. It means we’re not stuck in our routines. Although I would prefer to lie on my couch with the TV remote flipping channels right now instead of figuring out where to put the bookshelves.

While I haven’t had much time to relax, a nice little package from FitTea was delivered to my mailbox just as I was reaching for the Doritos. (I tend to eat crap when I’m stressed. Besides, it’s easier to make Doritos than to make dinner. Plus, I had to pack all the pans and stuff. Chips can be eaten right out of the bag with no utensils or cooking. But I digress.)

The FitTeaDetox was in this convenient little pouch, ready to steep in hot water. Because of all the natural and good-for-me ingredients, of course I was a little hesitant about the taste. Would it be like the tea I had to make during those weeks of acupuncture, where my house smelled like a Chinese herb garden – or more accurately, a college dorm room? I hoped not.


Surprisingly, no. It was delicious. And though the pouch says to add honey or agave for sweetness, I like my FitTea as is. It is already sweet, flavorful, and easy to drink. None of that grassy taste that leaves a residue in your mouth.

As I was reading up on the tea, I discovered that this all-natural stuff gives me extra energy (much-needed to pack and unpack), boosts my metabolism, aids in digestive health (hello, anti-oxidants) and boosts fat-loss naturally. It has that secret new ingredient that all the celebs are flocking to – Guarana. I’m not sure what it is, but apparently it’s miraculous for your waistline.

The main attractions for me were the immunity and energy boosting components. When you’re feeling run-down, these perks are amazing. The other ingredients in FitTea for your reference: Organic Green Tea, Oolong Wu Yi, Organic Rooibos, Ginger, Pomegranate, Birch, Stevia, Corn and Honey Powder.

We’re headed into summer, which means anxiety about our bodies, too. Having a little tea each day that promotes wellness and helps you with your weight loss routine is a good thing. The tagline for FitTea is: “Give us a few weeks and we’ll give you a new waistline”. Why not test this out when you go shopping for that new bathing suit? Or if you’re like me, that new pair of jeans? (Hell no to the bathing suit…)

There is a caffeine-free alternative if this doesn’t float your Guarana boat. Enjoy!



**This is a sponsored post.


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