Should you take a break from dating?


taking a break from datingMy new article for Digital Romance is all about whether you should take a break from dating – which is odd for those of us who dole out dating advice. We’re huge advocates of online dating and dating apps – and putting yourself “out there” to bring more opportunities into your life. Go, go go!!

But sometimes, you need to turn inward.

Take a rest. Figure out what it is you really want.

For most of us, dating is kind of a hamster wheel. We keep going cause we get going and we don’t really know how to get off, even when it starts to make us a little queasy. Even Taylor Swift says the idea of dating again gives her “a partial panic attack.” Just thinking of the hamster wheel is enough to envision getting sick again. All those dates with no end in sight. At least, this is how it begins to feel after a while.

The trick is dating without getting on the hamster wheel.

It’s all about being more intentional, instead of just going through the motions and hoping that someone comes along to rock your world and pull you off that wheel. Dating isn’t a numbers game, despite what the general assumptions are about it. It’s about honing in on what works for you – about creating the life you want, despite what other people tell you it looks like. You have to find out for yourself. (Read my article on how to do this here.)

So take some time for yourself. Slow down. Do yoga. Pick up a new hobby. Find enjoyment with your friends and family instead of a hook-up. There is much more to life than meeting some guy who makes you swoon. There is so much more to you.



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