Does fear rule your dating life?

fear and datingWe’ve all been hit with scary news lately – whether it’s the contagious spread of Ebola, a haunted house gone wrong (or not), or the latest shooting spree. It’s like we’ve become obsessed with seeing what out there could harm us – or worse, kill us. We want to know what to be afraid of so we can protect ourselves.
Playing into our fears is how the news shows grab our attention, keep us wanting more updates. News sources like CNN and Fox like to stir things up to get people to tune in, and we fall for it all the time because we want to protect ourselves – we want to feel safe.
But you can do things to stop fear from taking over. You can turn off the TV, stop the online searches for “Ebola,” and try to concentrate on your life and what goals are in front of you. And most of the time, this is exactly what we do.
But sometimes, our tendency to give into our fears is overwhelming. Fear takes over rational thinking when we feel threatened. We want to protect ourselves. Even – and especially – when it comes to our love lives.

How many times have we allowed fear to rule our thoughts when it comes to love?

Let’s take an example. Say you’ve started dating this great guy – he’s hot, smart, funny, and sweet. The whole package. But then he does something that sets off those warning bells in your head. Maybe he says that he just broke up with his ex a few weeks ago, or maybe he tells you he travels a lot for work. Your first thought might be: he doesn’t want to commit. He’s trying to let me know he’s on the rebound, or he doesn’t have time for a relationship. But how do you know this is actually the case?

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